Nubus ML is a leading transport and logistics company providing comprehensive services for the transportation and clearance of goods from China. We work with entrepreneurs, owners of medium and large businesses and protect the trading interests of clients, ensuring prompt cargo transportation with full safety of the contents. Our team never works according to a standardized scheme: logistics is developed individually for each customer, which will reduce costs and speed up the time to receive the goods. If you need prompt delivery and clearance of goods from China at an affordable price, please contact our team. Cooperating with us, you will receive:

Delivery of goods from China;

safe and proven logistics routes;

constant monitoring of cargo;

You can also order transport from us for the transportation of goods in Europe and America, which will deliver your goods to their destination.

In addition to transportation, we provide full customs clearance of purchased products, thanks to which we help our customers avoid delays at customs. We fully control the declaration of products and 90% of the transportation for which we are responsible passes without disputes. You do not need to recruit a staff of specialists - we take care of everything.